Waterfall Alpaca Farm

The Walk 

The walk is open to the general public by appointment only., entry is 4€ per person , 12€ for a family of 4 . Please ring 0876153006 for admittance . The walk is open on other days too depending on alpaca walks , school tours etc please ring to enquire about availability.

People who live locally and would like to do the walk more often might be interested in becoming  a " Friend of Waterfall Farm " this involves an annual membership fee of 100€ and includes an alpaca walk for 4 and farm tour (value of 50€) and free entry to the walk on Fridays , Saturdays and Sundays throughout the year for a family of 4 (extra guests cost 4€ each) Friends must ring to arrange entry.







Waterfall Alpaca Farm  |  emmacbird@gmail.com